Consolidating audio files in pro tools

If the “audible” part of the signal (the part above the noise floor) changed depending on whether the signal was represented as a 32 or 24 or 16 or 8 bit word, this change in the waveshape would produce harmonics not present in the original signal, (aka "aliases”). If your recording was made using microphones, preamps, softsynths or samples, the inherent noise floor is already 100 times higher than the noise floor of dithered 16 bit audio, and properly dithered digital audio has infinite resolution. you're not "missing" anything by truncating and dithering to 16 bits.

#1: CHECK ALL EDITS: Make sure that all edits are good, take the time before you consolidate the files to really listen to the edit points to check for clicks, weird transitions, anything that might cause attention to be drawn to the edit.

Please select Broadcast Wav or Wav if your software gives you a choice of file formats. Be sure to bypass any effects, and record the audio into DAW.

Keep the sample rate and bit depth the same as your session. Ensure that the audio tracks are all clearly named. Highlight all the audio in the Edit Window, making sure you’ve selected from the start of the session to the end of the last piece of audio. Press and hold Option and Shift, and while pressing them, press “3” (the one above the QWERTY keyboard, not the numeric keypad). Select all the audio in all the tracks, and be sure. Select Merge Soundbites from the Audio pull-down menu.

Once you’ve done that choose where you want to save the individual tracks, you’ll want to create a folder and name it your songs name and put (stems) as well as the tempo and the key of your song beside it (just to make it easy for your audio engineer).

For example, if your songs name is “Groovy” you’d name your folder Groovy 146 bpm major C (stems) and then click “Use current folder”. The tracks in your song will export individually which may take half an hour depending on how many tracks you have.

You should always export in wav or aiff format at whatever settings you recorded your song at.

For example if you recorded your song at 24 bits and 48 khz then export it in that same format.

This audio editing software tutorial will show you how to group tracks in Pro Tools.If you’re sending your song for mixing and you’re using Pro Tools, you’re going to want to export or bounce the individual tracks so your audio engineer can load them into whatever DAW they’re using. Select all the tracks in your session from beginning to end.You can either do this by dragging the selection tool across all your tracks or pressing Ctr L A on your keyboard.#2: REMOVE ALL PLUGINS and AUTOMATION: If you use any plugins please make sure that they are removed or bypassed before exporting your files.If you are using any automation, please remove or bypass it before exporting.

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