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Meet the Hansens: Adam (Matt O’Leary) is watching the movie, along with younger brother Taylor (Myles Jeffrey) – who hides behind the couch with a cushion.

The phone call was for older sister Chelsea (Laura Vandervoot).

Mom, Lynette (Caroline Rhea), comes in and turns the film off sending the older kids off to do homework.

Rather than do that, Adam surfs the web looking for the website of vampire hunter Malachi Van Helsing (Robert Carradine), the story of whom is in the tabloid the ‘Weekly Secret’.

Fist fights, stabbings, and, in one scene, multiple vampire bites that presumably kill human victims and steal their souls are common fare, but little of the gore is actually visible to viewers.He had the power to just zip her into a trance and whisk her off to his bachelor pad right away, but he didn't go that route.Instead, he took the time to get to know her, spent money on her, and attempted an interest in things she liked (like rockabilly music).He puts their mother in a trance, but after they call out to her after finding her in his mansion, her trance is broken by their true love.She throws Dimitri in his coffin to be shipped away to a sunny location and the family manages to get home in time for breakfast.

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