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“Best because it provides all sorts of avenues and arteries for people to meet who might never have the opportunity to do so. That book is written by former Albuquerque resident Elizabeth Cohen, who’s tried online dating herself and is now a university writing professor in New York.“Online dating is both the best and worst thing to happen to relationship forging,” she says in an email interview.

We also have to learn how best to advertise ourselves – who should we say we are?

Let’s hope we can create some more urban couples with a Valentine’s Day anniversary!

” No actual location data has been released within the activity – instead data has been clustered around the London tube stations nearest to those ‘winking’.

Our Lovemap should help show them where to head to help their chances.” James Connelly, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Fetch, commented: “We wanted to create something fun, insightful and relevant to mobile around Valentine’s day.

What better than a location-based analysis of Love in London.

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