Updating once

You cannot make any updates to your coursework section until your application is in the “Verified” status.

Please note that during the Academic Update we will not make changes to previously attempted repeats at different schools.

With the number of apps people have installed on their devices today, regular updates can help an app get more mindshare relative to other apps on a device.

You CAN make updates to your coursework section for newly completed or planned courses using a system called Academic Update.

Even though I never called start Monitoring Significant Location Changes in the first place, seems I had to "un-call" it...strange that it works this way, but as soon as I added that line, location services shut down promptly.

If you have any updates which need to be made to other sections of your application, you must submit these updates directly to your DO programs.

I am loading data from an API and am using a UIProgress View to display how much has loaded.

In my view Will Appear I use Reachability to check that there is an internet connection.

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