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The example form below demonstrates common HTML form elements that receive updated styles from Bootstrap with additional classes.Remember, since Bootstrap utilizes the HTML5 doctype, all inputs must have a , a single class for both input types that improves the layout and behavior of their HTML elements.Hovering the warning triangle will provide a descriptive error message: Other browser devtools have similar features.Now let's move on to look at some of the most common cross browser HTML and CSS problems.

Use these classes to opt into their customized displays for a more consistent rendering across browsers and devices.

As noted in the section about disabled state for buttons (and specifically in the sub-section for anchor elements), this CSS property is not yet standardized and isn’t fully supported in Opera 18 and below, or in Internet Explorer 11, and won’t prevent keyboard users from being able to focus or activate these links.

So to be safe, use custom Java Script to disable such links.

In general, most core HTML and CSS functionality (such as basic HTML elements, CSS basic colors and text styling) works across most browsers you'll want to support; more problems are uncovered when you start wanting to use newer features such as Flexbox, or HTML5 video/audio, or even more nascent, CSS Grids or -webkit-background-clip: text.

Once you've identified a list of potential problem technologies you will be using, it is a good idea to research what browsers they are supported in, and what related techniques are useful. Some problems can be solved by just taking advantage of the natural way in which HTML/CSS work.

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