Validating xml with sax parser

Both the sample procedures and the sample XML and XSD documents were copied from the ' CREATE SAX-READER h Parser.RUN App Callbacks_Validate.p PERSISTENT SET h Callbacks.h Parser: HANDLER = h Callbacks.h Parser: SET-INPUT-SOURCE("FILE", "Invalid Cars.xml").h Parser: NONAMESPACE-SCHEMA-LOCATION = "Cars.xsd".h Parser: VALIDATION-ENABLED=TRUE.h Parser: SAX-PARSE-FIRST() NO-ERROR. DELETE PROCEDURE h Callbacks./* App Callbacks_Validate.p */DEFINE TEMP-TABLE Car NO-UNDO FIELD Car ID AS CHARACTER FORMAT "x(30)" LABEL "Car ID" FIELD Style AS CHARACTER FORMAT "x(30)" LABEL "Style" FIELD Ready AS CHARACTER FORMAT "x(4)" LABEL "Ready to testdrive? PROCEDURE Start Element: DEFINE INPUT PARAMETER pc Namespace URI AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO.DEFINE INPUT PARAMETER ph Attributes AS HANDLE NO-UNDO.Disclaimer The origins of the information on this site may be internal or external to Progress Software Corporation (“Progress”).If you want to use SAX, you'll need all of the following: Most Java/XML tools distributions include SAX2 and a parser using it.

SAX parsers are strongly encouraged (though not absolutely required) to supply a locator: if it does so, it must supply the locator to the application by invoking this method before invoking any of the other methods in the Document Handler interface.REPEAT WHILE h Parser: PARSE-STATUS = SAX-RUNNING: h Parser: SAX-PARSE-NEXT() NO-ERROR. DEFINE INPUT PARAMETER pc Local Name AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO.DEFINE INPUT PARAMETER pc Element Name AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO.Java SAX XML parser stands for Simple API for XML (SAX) parser.SAX is an event-driven, serial-access mechanism for accessing XML documents.

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