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I thought it might be fun to share some of the story of how Monogram came to be.Here is the first paper prototype of Monogram @tomtaylor and I made.Chat also makes up a large part of our training and our on boarding.I think some organisations silo it off as a single channel, or a single team; we’ve made it the heartbeat of the contact centre. We try to make chat as easy and as intuitive to use as possible. We can set up specific goals, whether its conversions or getting people to a certain page on the website. Because we are a design and printing company, we often need to exchange files.On the first iteration, we were heavy on a Linked In integration that would pull in rich data about what you do at work.Unfortunately, Linked In aren't willing to open up API access to support cards like that, leading us to abandon idea...

The problem with cards is they’re a remnant of last generation’s pre-digital habits, something we give each other more out of social practice than everyday practicality.When asked about his favourite albums of all time by , he waxed lyrical about his love of Joy Division, Korn, Radiohead and System of a Down.He’s obsessed with folk singer Natalie Prass, and wants her for his next album.We pitched the idea with this very paper prototype to @richardmoross, the CEO of MOO.Here are some of the initial wireframes I had drawn up for card types.

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